Sub Cooperativa de fotógrafxs

Workshop + Talk 17/06/2019-19/06/2019

Sub is a cooperative of photographers that recorded during the last decade the experiences of social movements, the universe of unemployed workers, indigenous peoples, minorities and migrations throughout Latin America with diverse tools, with horizontal and autonomous organization. Sub continues to explore the limits of documentary photography. They carry forward an educational platform where they promote production and critical thinking.

Sub editora was born in 2015, so far four titles have been printed: “Diciembre“, a story about the 2001 crisis in Argentina; “Qpaq ñan“, a trip along the Andean road that crosses 6 countries along the Cordillera de los Andes with the musician Gustavo Santaolalla; “Oscurana“, a book that is part of a collaborative edition with 6 publishers from Latin America with images of the photographer Antoine d’Agatá; and “No somos lo que te esperas“, an intimate look at four women immersed in the anarkopunk community of Argentina that live together.

17-18 JUNE – from 6pm. to 9pm.
WORKSHOP – Fuga – C/ Fontrodona 31, Barcelona
Gisela Volà will run the workshop ‘100 miradas. Photographic Creation and Collective Processes’  in Fuga. In this course, students will learn visual strategies in order to create new imaginaries collectively.
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19 JUNE – 7:30pm.
TALK – Mecànic – C/ de Verntallat 30,  Barcelona
A conversation with Gisela Solá and Oriana Eliçabe.
In the talk, they will share their creative and organizational experience in the way they finance themselves, create and maintain a self-managed project for 15 years, reviewing their work and the publications of their publishers.