Segundos, Visiones – Coke Bartrina

Book Launch 18/07/2019 - 19:30

The fascination of the wisdom, mechanisms and adaptation that plants have to overcome adversity and propagate. Coke Bartrina collects small flowers and plants that keep between cards in your wallet. This habit has been repeated over the last 5 years since he started traveling with Núria. In this book, curiosity for love and nature is perceived through portraits of Núria and plants. The photographs are small memories of a temporary line that is also accompanied by small physical fragments of the landscape or place in which they were taken.

Design by Mou Mourentan – Produced by Q17 Studios


Coke Bartrina is a professional photographer who studied engineering and began taking photos at the early age of 11. His interests in lifestyle, design, crafts and traveling led him to work for different magazines such as Vogue, L’Uomo, Architectural Digest, Apartamento magazine, Traveler Magazine and Mr Porter among others. He has also shot for Carolina Herrera, Issey Miyake, Urban Outfitters, Vitra…  just to mention a few.