LIKE – Eduardo Nave

Book Launch 23/01/2019 - 19:30

On January 23 at 7:30 pm Eduardo Nave (author) and Montse Puig (editor) present the second edition of Like, published by Ediciones Anòmalas.

Like is a symptom. An alteration in the ecosystem of visual production that shows the existence of a deranged behavior, more concerned to indicate our being in the world than to teach the world. Installed in the capitalism of the images -in their excess, access and suffocation- of the post-photographic era, the following question arises: is it possible to experience the emotion of discovery?

The first edition of Like won the PhotoEspaña 2018 Award for the best book of the year in the national category.


Eduardo Nave (Valencia, 1976)

He studied Photography at Escola dArt I Superior de Disseny in Valencia. In 2005 she founded, together with thirteen other photographers, the NOPHOTO contemporary photography collective, which a year later receives the Arco y Revelación PhotoEspaña 06 awards. In 2014, she created, together with four other editors, the DÚO publication and in 2016 created and coordinated the EL DIARI INDULTAT project.

Since 2001 he has been a regular contributor to national and international publishing media and his work is represented by the Galleries Pilar Serra (Madrid), Paz y Comedias (Valencia), AJG (Seville) and Juan Silió (Santander).