Jane Evelyn Atwood

Women in Prison 07/11/2018-09/01/2019

Women in prison, Empathetic investigation

Jane Evelyn Atwood is a photographer who researches disadvantaged social situations and contexts, in a simple and particularly elegant style. The photographer chooses themes which she really feels drawn to, and dedicates the necessary time to explore each story in depth, from an empathetic and respectful position.

This way of working has allowed her to camouflage herself in extreme situations and to capture moments of an extraordinary intimacy. 

In 1989, she began photographing imprisoned women, obtaining access to some of the worst penitentiary centers in the world, including the death row. This 10-year-old monumental project (covering forty prisons in countries over Europe and Eastern Europe, and the United States) continues to be the only photographic work on women in prison to date. 

This exhibition is composed by 60 photographs (original vintage copy) that represent a major part of Atwood’s career; exposed for the first time in Barcelona.

The same pieces you see in Mecànic, were part of the retrospective that the MaisonEuropeene of the Photographie de Paris dedicated to the author in 2012.