El viaje interminable – Miguel G. Orive

Book launch (To be confirmed) - 20:00

In 2010 Miguel G. Orive made a bicycle trip from Barcelona to India. When he decided to dive into this adventure, he resolved to register his experiences through his analogic camera and his writings, with the purpose of making a photo-journal back home. Now, nine years after, and thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, all his adventures can be discovered in “El viaje interminable” (“The neverending trip”), a very intimate book.

Sometimes sleeping in the wilderness and sometimes hosted by complete strangers, the slow rhythm of his pedaling provided him with a soothing coexistence with nature and cultures. «El viaje interminable» tries to recall that beautiful contact, to witness the power of little actions and to shine the good nature in which he was received by all those people who composed a rich multicultural mosaic throughout his experience. Not forgetting the inner journey, in which the author subjected himself to loneliness, to the inclement weather, to the deep foreigner feeling, to the huge cultural shock in countries such as Iran or India, to a raw and spontaneous contact with the world, from which he drew valuable learnings that he now shares through this work.

In the book, his photographies coexist with his handwritten diaries, with the drawings he made in order to communicate with people, with reflections that he makes looking back now, nine years after and with other ideas and graphic material.

Miguel will be in Mecànic presenting his work and his experiences on the 16th of July, where he will introduce his newly self-published book.