Common narrative

Bookmaking Workshop 01/06/2019-02/06/2019

Common Narrative 
​Bookmaking Workshop
Collective narration ​

«Common Narrative» will invite participants to work collaboratively toward one unique publication.

On the basis of their personal interests and past projects, they will be invited to bring their own vision to create a fictional character that will beomec the protagonist of a common book. In this process, they will deepen their personal point of view while re-contextualising their work within
a group and in relation to contemporary issues. The workshop will aim at orchestrating several voices within a collaborative work that will bring together photography, book making and graphic design.

Participants will be invited to bring some of their projects that they would like to work from, but they will also research internet for suitable imagery and will have the possibility to create new ones over the week-end. All this visual material will be assembled in a large board and re-orga- nised in order to create the story of a “persona”.

In this process, we will look at notions of identity and community, story and history, origins and belongings, gender, memory, experiences…

We will take in consideration the different elements constituant of a book: storytelling, editing, laying-out, sequencing, paper type and formats…

Day 1

1 – Presentation: aims/ method/ some examples of books – (1h)
We will introduce the workshop and methods Each participant will present their work and interest in order to share views.

2 – Character definition: origin, gender, family, interests, memory, experiences… (1h)

3 – Image research / making + mood-board sketching (4h30)
During this session, participants will research images on-line and will have the possibility to shoot new images to fit the character we will have defined previously.

Day 2

5 – Editing and development of a narration through the mood-board (2h) 6 – Definition of the book structure (2h)
Book Elements: pages, number of pages, cover, format, type of paper… Narration: repetition, overlapping, chapters, page as space…
Linear/ Stream of Consciousness

7 – Printing and Assembling (2h)

Magali Avezou is an independent curator. She is the founder of a r c h i p e l a g o, a curatorial platform focusing on visual culture and art publications.
Her past projects include «I Never Promised You a Rose Garden», ‘burning with pleasure’, a research and exhibition project on artist’s books and ‘Murmur’, on abstraction in photography presented at Flowers Gallery.

She is a lecturer at IED (Italy) and Escola Massana (Spain) and has given talks and workshops at Royal College of Arts, Northampton University, London College of Communication, Winchester School of Arts and Istituto Marangoni. She has also written for Unseen Platform, Yet Magazine, Photomonitor and The Photocaptionist..