Xenia and Jean, “two-mad-about-books” people decided to open a space dedicated to photography in Barcelona, and Mecànic is the result of it.

This place is an old car-repair garage, divided in 3 different parts : an exhibition space, a photobook store and a café. It’s the only place in Barcelona, where you can get a drink, listen to Velvet Underground vinyl, and travel far far away, through a photobook or an exhibit.

Yes, people still like photobooks. Yes, people still shoot in analogic. Yes, people still listen to vinyls. For all those people there is Mecànic.



So many books,
so little time.

Our bookstore started with a small and unique selection, but it increased so fast that we had to build more bookshelves within a month.

Our selection, mostly books that cannot be found elsewhere in Barcelona, follows the same artistic line as our exhibitions.

We started with self-published books and we would like to continue to have 50% of our selection directly from the artists. We have a wide range from little fanzines to numbered series and limited editions.

The other 50% is a mix of local and international publishers, a selection that shows the actuality of the photobooks and photography essays.

The beautiful thing
about learning is nobody
can take it away from you.

Today, more than ever, we need tools to read images, to understand the visual world and to develop a critical spirit. That is why pedagogy is such an important part of Mecànic.

We started with School Programs to permit all photography students to discover and learn that there is more to photography. But that is just a beginning. We also propose a serie of workshops and activities. Here at Mecànic we want to provide you not only with a place to look at photography, but also a place where you can learn how to decode the visual language of photography.


Mecànic and «Construim Mirades» (photo-pedagogy association) are developing a series of photo-pedagogical programs together, which can be implemented directly in education centers in Barcelona, with students from 4 to 16 years old.

We believe that photography is a way to learn, without words, about life and the relation with reality. And that goes not only for photography students.

Coffee keeps me going
until it’s time for wine.

We like to provide people with very simple pleasures. What is better than a good coffee and a good book? What is better than seeing an exhibition with a glass of wine in your hand?

We choose the artisanal beers, local wines and  natural smoothies. We make the food ourselves with fresh ingredients every day. 

Our menu follows the seasons, more or less. 

In winter, people come to grab a piece of Xenia’s carott cake. 

In spring, we propose different kind of bagels with salmon, cream cheese or avocado. Home-made humus is our classic too.

In summer we always have our (already well-known) fresh citronade ready to serve.

And of course, a huge escalivada/goat cheese toast for lunch is always a good idea! (also called ” Mirthe’s special”;)